Measuring Public Relations ROI

The universal PR measurement standard (PRSV) developed by Crescendo allows the true value of your public relations activity to be determined.  As well as measuring ROI in financial terms, Crescendo also measures the ‘interested audience’ your PR activity has reached, which is vital to understanding the business benefits your PR is delivering.

The ‘interested audience’ determines the number of consumers — B2C or B2B — brought into contact with your brand through PR-related activities in search results that are relevant to it. This is crucially important because such audiences are both far more likely to be receptive to your brand as well as at the purchasing stage of the decision-making process.

If you would like to determine the ROI of your PR activity please get in touch now using the form on the contact us page.

Marketing Effectiveness Consultancy

We offer tailored marketing consultancy services to UK and international organisations, giving feedback on key areas of marketing strategy, operations and activity. Please contact us to arrange a no-obligation exploratory meeting.

Brand and Reputation Analytics

Our analytics are designed to help organisations understand how consumers respond to their experiences with brands. We help clients to understand their reputation and market positioning from the consumer perspective. Crescendo analytics look far beyond sentiment analysis to see how the language used by consumers reflects the pain and gain, value and benefits they associate with brand interactions.

Marketing Effectiveness Research

We like to challenge the status quo and invite leaders to think differently about the latest trends and views in marketing.  Not for the sake of it but because this is the only way to get to the reality behind the hype.  We also believe in basing our assertions on hard evidence, so they are designed to illustrate our opinions using original research.  If there’s something we’ve not covered, feel free to commission a report of your own. Otherwise, watch the blog for our latest news and findings…