“The PRSVO SEO metric provides the PR industry with a simple solution to a very complex issue, how to place a value of the online profile created by their campaigns.  It begins to close the gap between PR and SEO content campaigns, helping PR to show its worth at placing brands in front of interested and engaged audiences.”

Steve Leigh, Director, Reputation Consultancy

PRSVO enables companies and brands to understand where their coverage is most likely to appear in search results, which is crucial for maximising business benefits from online media coverage.

People who carry out a search are generally not just passing the time of day – there’s a reason why they are looking up information online. As early as 2012, Fleishman Hillard’s global Digital Influence Index found that 89% of buyers use search when making a purchase purchase and that its influence eclipsed even personal recommendations.

All of this means that public relations is now playing a strong facilitating role in driving decisions at the moment when a company or brand is being effectively exposed to buyers. This is a principle the SEO industry has long understood and profited from – being paid to ensure that companies appear in the top results for a given search term.

However, achieving high rankings in organic search results is no longer about stuffing content full of keywords.  Google really wants to deliver high quality and informative content, which increasingly means objective media coverage and other third-party content – exactly the things that PR people generate and influence.

An important consequence of this is that targeting media to achieve maximum business benefit is no longer just about readership numbers. In many instances, media with relatively low readership numbers can have strong status with Google and coverage that appears in them can automatically achieve high search positions.

This fundamental shift is far more significant than social media. Google search volumes typically dwarf even the largest number of ‘likes’ on Facebook and other social platforms; and levels of engagement through social media are nothing compared to the levels of interest from people searching for a company or brand through Google. Able to ensure that these people see the right content, delivered through credible media which Google ranks highly, PR can now justifiably claim to be closer to the consumer’s purchasing touchpoint than it has ever been – closer than social or advertising. Small wonder that SEO companies are racing to hire PR staff and to vertically integrate their offering.

PRSVO works by determining where online media coverage for a company, brand, topic or issue typically ranks on search pages, such as Google.  Simple to use and easy to understand, PRSVO provides a score between 1 and 100.  The higher the score the more likely it is that media coverage for a company, brand or subject will appear in top search results.  PRSVO can also be used at the planning stage to target media where coverage is most likely to generate maximum business benefit.