Crescendo publishes standard average PRSV values and engaged audience data under the Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 International open source initiative, details of which can be found here.

In order to access and use the standard average PRSV values and engaged audience data you must register.  This is a simple process, which only has to be done once and is being done to ensure that the integrity of the standard is maintained.  The information provided is used solely for this purpose.

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Data for the top 700 media sites are available in a searchable table while data for all sites, including the top 700, is available as a standard Excel file:

Click here to access the searchable table and excel file

If the site(s) you need are not on the searchable table or Excel file please complete and submit a request for the standard values required, which we will then add to the data asap.

Note: the published PRSV values and engaged audience data are continuously updated so please check regularly to ensure you are the using the most up-to-date versions.


How to Use Standard Average PRSV Values and Engaged Audience Data

Using standard average PRSV values and engaged audience data is very simple:

  1. Determine the standard average PRSV value and engaged audience for the URL where coverage appears (click here for data).  Individual values can be added to provide a total standard PRSV value for the coverage.  Note: standard average values take account of the likelihood that coverage engages an audience for which ‘engaged audience’ numbers are also provided. Standard average PRSV values and engaged audience data must not be altered in any way.  This is very important to maintain the integrity of the standard.
  2. If coverage is damaging (negative), the value(s) should still be shown but marked appropriately as a liability.
  3. If the URL isn’t shown on the searchable table or Excel file on the data page (see above), let us know by submitting the form on the data page and we’ll add it asap

The Legal Stuff

  1. In no event will Crescendo, its suppliers, or other third parties mentioned at this site be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, those resulting from lost profits, lost data or business interruption) arising out of the use, inability to use, or the results of data supplied.
  2. Whenever PRSV values or engaged audience data are used the following note must be shown:                                                                  PRSV(c) 2018 Crescendo, all rights reserved


Q: Isn’t the PRSV just another form of advertising value equivalent (AVE)?

A: No.  While AVEs use an equivalent value based on extraneous criteria, which themselves are wide open to interpretation, PRSV provides a clear and specific value based on the effectiveness of media coverage in its own right that is strongly aligned with business impact and consumer behaviour.

Q: Is it the case that a higher PRSV value means coverage is delivering greater business benefits?

A: PRSV is inherently aligned with search, which is involved in the decision-making process used by many of us at key stages of the consumer journey, including purchase.  This is the case for all audiences, including B2B.  The greater the value of PRSV the more likely it is that business benefits will increase.

Q: Do I have to pay to use PRSVs and engaged audience data?

A: No.  All standard average PRSV values and engaged audience data is provided free of charge.

Q: Does media coverage have a financial value?

A: Media coverage is one of the major contributors to reputational value.

Q: How can media coverage have a negative financial value?

A: Media coverage carries risk and, if damaging, can significantly reduce reputational value.  Damaging (negative) media coverage can be thought of as a liability, just as non-damaging coverage can be thought of as an asset.

Q: Can PRSV values be used on a balance sheet?

A: We are planning to open discussions with industry accounting bodies regarding the possibility of media coverage values being used as intangible assets and liabilities on balance sheets.  

Q: What does ‘average’ standard PRSV values mean?

A: PRSV values are based on a range of criteria, which determine the likelihood that a piece of online coverage will be seen, read by and engage an audience.  The use of PRSV has now increased to the extent that we can provide average PRSV values for most sites appropriate to the PR industry.    

Q: What can I do if the standard average PRSV value and engaged audience data isn’t shown on the searchable table or Excel file, which can be downloaded from this site?

A: If sites for which you need PRSVs value and engaged audience data are not currently shown, just submit the URLs for which you need them using the form on the data page and we’ll provide the data asap, at no cost. 

Q: Do PRSV values change?

A: PRSV values are stable but do change according to what the open market is prepared to pay to reach a target audience through search results.  For this reason you should check and update the standard average PRSV values and engaged audience data on a regular basis.  

Q: Who uses PRSV?

A: We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously and cannot name specific organisations.  However, we can reveal that PRSV is already used by a broad range of organisations from one-person businesses through to some of the world’s largest and best known companies, on a local and global basis.

Q: Can standard average PRSV values be used in other countries and with different languages?

A: Yes. They can be used for any language in any country.

Q: Do PRSV values only apply to media coverage?

A: PRSV values are not restricted to media coverage and can be used for any PR activity where an established URL is involved, such as conferences and other events, forums, industry bodies, etc