Crescendo’s Public Relations ROI Audits provide both a robust measure of the financial return from your PR as well as an analysis of the audiences reached.  Although typically used to measure financial ROI and audience reach from PR activity over a previous 12 month period, the audits can cover any historical length of time.  In addition, they can be used to track financial ROI – and audience reach – on an ongoing basis or in near real-time, as required.

Crescendo’s Public Relations ROI Audits are extremely flexible.  By breaking out the return from individual projects towards the overall financial ROI figure, including deep-dives to individual stories and press releases if required, they allow the financial contribution of different PR activities to be determined and compared.

Crescendo’s Public Relations ROI Audits are extremely cost-effective.  Used as a one-off, for instance to demonstrate the financial returns from PR activity during budget rounds, or on an ongoing basis, they recognise that every organisation and brand is different and can be tailored to meet individual client requirements no matter how large or small.

Delivering Major Benefits

  • Reflect all PR activities that reach target audiences, including events such as conferences and seminars, as well as media coverage
  • By taking advantage of the same search engine technology used by consumers, Crescendo Public Relations ROI Audits focus only on activities and coverage that reach target audiences. This ensures that the financial ROI provided is meaningful, robust and reflects key PR and business objectives
  • Based on open data from bidding of paid-for search results in the same format and location, Crescendo’s Public Relations ROI Audits are completely transparent
  • Recognise that successful PR is not just about financial ROI but also audience reach achieved
  • ROI Audits are based on a combination of human and technological analysis, which we call ‘qualimetrics’. The system has been independently tested by Cranfield University’s Business School and perfected over a number of years working for many of the world’s leading organisations and brands
  • Offer a meaningful and robust alternative financial ROI measure to the meaningless and deeply flawed Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) of traditional media evaluation
  • Focus on results that reach target audiences, making them efficient and cost-effective. By comparison, up to 80% of the coverage analysed by traditional media evaluation has relatively little impact on major target audiences, making it wasteful and expensive
  • Unlike traditional media evaluation, Crescendo Public Relations ROI Audits measure both media relations and non-media PR activity

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