By measuring what consumers are most likely to see and read, Crescendo Consulting’s PRSV (Public Relations Search Value) is able to determine the sales impact of media coverage better than any other form of media evaluation.  The benefits of this approach are clearly visible in results from Crescendo’s analysis of the automotive industry, which provides definitive proof of the strong relationship between PRSV and monthly car sales.

The chart below reveals strong correlation between car sales and PRSV audience (a similar result is achieved when financial return is used instead of audience figures).  For the technically-minded the correlation coefficient is 0.83, giving an R² value of 0.69 at a confidence level of 99.99999%.

Put simply, this means that 69% of movements of car sales can be explained by movements in online media coverage.  So, if online media coverage of a car brand increases, it is highly likely that sales of the brand will also increase.

Crucially, this puts PR at the very heart of sales and marketing for the automotive industry.  Furthermore, because a lot of online media coverage is read via search results where ‘owned’ websites are not present – which PRSV is also able to measure and track – this places PR ahead of SEO (search engine optimisation) in driving car sales through Google search.

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