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Crescendo helps senior marketers operate more effectively, in a world where managing marketing performance has never been more challenging. The digital world is driving change at a pace difficult to keep up with and there is a real danger of marketing becoming a hostage to technology, without making a difference to either sales or reputation.

We take a completely objective view of the art and science of effective marketing, from strategy to systems and including every step from initial market research to analysis of business outcomes. Working alongside marketing leaders, we encourage them to explore key areas where increased effectiveness can have a direct impact on both productivity and the bottom line.


Design fit-for-purpose strategies that embrace digital-world skills without side-lining proven traditional marketing techniques.  Prioritise objectives and plan accordingly


Maximise the potential of tools used to implement and evaluate, challenging spurious claims and perceived wisdom about what works and what doesn’t

Statistics and Beyond

Improve understanding of the market and consumers by recognising what constitutes genuine insight and learning how to react to it.  At the same time, explore new research techniques that can answer the tough questions about modern customers and their behaviour to gain a new perspective on what success looks like


Create effective team structures and dynamics to deliver well-orchestrated integrated campaigns where each team plays its part to deliver better overall results, with emphasis on what works for your organisation rather than what is fashionable

Supplier Management

Drive a hard bargain through the marketing procurement process by negotiating terms and setting performance indicators that produce tangible monetary and tactical value

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